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Martini Walk

July 21st, 2018


Binghamton Martini Walk is supported by Upstate Office Furniture!


The summer is back. The venues are prepared. And the game is on.

Binghamton Martini Walk 2018 returns. Approximately 20 venues will face off in a competition to learn who can mix the best martini in town. And you’re invited to judge.

The Binghamton Martini Walk, a summer tradition, invites you to stroll downtown with your friends from venue to venue and sample martinis all Saturday afternoon long. Your ticket is $12 and there’s a $2 tasting fee at each venue.

NOTE: Tickets are absolutely required to participate.

After each taste, you rate the martini on a scale of 1 (meh, not so great) to 5 (SUPER). When you’re done tasting, you can drop your ticket in a ballot box at any of the venues to make sure your vote for the best martini counts.

IMPORTANT: We do not count fractional scores and we do not count scores above 5 or below 1!!!! (We do enjoy your little doodles on the tickets though. Keep doing those!)

Here’s the boring but important rulesy stuff: You must be 21+. Tickets are nonrefundable. Venues reserve the right to refuse service if you appear intoxicated. And plan ahead! Get a DD or take a cab.

Martini Walk is produced by BingPop and EatBing.

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